Your business begins and ends with the product. Launch Collective covers all of your product needs from concept design phase through the delivery of finished goods.


Product Strategy

  • Conduct in-depth meetings to assess the needs and goals of the business from a product perspective

  • Develop a detailed product development and production calendar

  • Determine pricing taking into consideration margin goals, product cost and brand positioning

  • Create seasonal costing sheets

Domestic and Overseas Sourcing

  • Sourcing appropriate sampling and production facilities

  • Sourcing fabric mills

  • Sourcing of trim and hardware

Product Development and Production Management

  • Manage product calendar through regular meetings to ensure all target dates are met

  • Manage communications with factories and mills from sample development through the end of production

  • Place orders for all fabrics, trims and production

  • Work with management to coordinate all payments to ensure timely deliveries

Technical Design

  • Create technical sketches

  • Develop tech packs

  • Manage all fittings


  • Develop fully merchandised seasonal collections with appropriate product mix across different price points and categories

  • Create seasonal SKU plans