To effectively position your brand within the marketplace you need impactful strategies that engage with your target customer and clearly communicate your brand message across multiple touch points including e-commerce, email marketing, social media and digital marketing initiatives.

Research + Brand Positioning Package

  • Define target customer including demographics, psychographics, shopping habits and brand affinities
  • Evaluate the marketplace and competitive set
  • Create a profile deck that communicates the brand message, audience and positioning

E-Commerce Development + Optimization

  • Define point of view for e-commerce experience
  • Evaluate content, photography and user experience to ensure e-commerce platform aligns with brand identity*
  • Highlight areas for growth and opportunities to drive engagement and conversions*
  • Source, hire and manage outside resources (graphic designer, developers) to optimize experience

Content Strategy

  • Develop direction for seasonal storytelling campaigns including visual point of view, inspiration boards and desired distribution points
  • Source photographer's, talent and graphic support as needed*
  • Oversee production and execution of content campaigns
  • Identify appropriate editorial and creative directors for the development of a brand style guide
  • Hire and oversee all outside resources and serve as the advisor and point person throughout the development process

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Evaluate current platforms including social media, email marketing, Facebook/Instagram ads and recommend strategies for optimizing performance
  • Source, hire and manage outside resources (ie, digital marketing agencies) to optimize traffic driving strategies through SEM, retargeting, AdWords, etc*
  • Advise on creative assets for each individual digital marketing campaign
  • Develop and implement tracking reports to measure monthly performance metrics and ROI 

Partnerships + Collaborations

  • Define desired opportunities and identify appropriate partners
  • Develop collaboration/partnership pitch deck and customize for each opportunity
  • Initiate outreach and set-up pitch meetings with select brands
  • Manage partnership details and agreements
  • Oversee execution of each program
  • Create recap reports with performance metrics and ROI

Press + Media

  • Develop key press materials including press kits and press releases
  • Source, hire and oversee third party PR resources such as freelance reps or agency